Sunday, March 29, 2009

Photography problems and credits....

It is terribly important that I offer credit to the photographers. Thanks and praises go out to Rich and Allison for your lovely photos. I make the toys, you make them shine! As soon as I learn how to use this camera I'll take my own pictures. The manual comes in so many languages, I speak those, I even speak a little Geek...but I don't speak photography. How do I tell the camera that these things are really small? Anyone know how to say "miniature subjects" in digital photography speak? Can I take pictures through a microscope? I spent half a day learning to use, and not use, the flash. I have since forgotten how that works. I miss 35mm.

Coming Soon: better photos of my newest piece: Rosetta Stone's Legendary Twilight Circus!

Tiny Foods and Accessories.

I made a kitchen for a Homie.

Wonder Woman!



Tiny Birth of Venus (her base is slightly larger than a quarter)


See How Small?

Keith McAncestor

Infinite Regression Steph